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From an idea to a design in five easy steps:

The customer describes his ideas, needs and requirements. We discuss time-lines, budgets and work-flows. It's all about
the customer, the product and the design.

Giving as much info as possible is crucial. Any sketches, models, photos, moodboards, etc. will do the trick.

I look at the products that fall in the same category as
the design. A presentation is then made highlighting similar designs and their best qualities as well as different markets that the design might appeal to. From here on it's either back to stage 1, or we proceed to stage 3.

Customer's input is very important here. We need to choose a market and a target demographic for the product.

Rough drafts.
I present three rough drafts for the customer to choose from. These drafts will be modelled in 3D CAD and then rendered. This is a low-detail, low-accuracy, quick process with only one purpose - to display what I have in mind.

The customer decides what is taken to the next stage. It's either a specific design, or a combination of all three.

3D CAD model.

At this stage I will put all the effort in the 3D CAD modelling of the design. All exterior details will be included at this point. Materials, object features, connectors, cut-outs, etc. Once finished, the model can then be handed off to the product engineers.

Some advanced display types are also available, such as exploded, wire and cross-section views.

Rendering & visualizations.

Last stage of the project. This is where your ideas and my design are finally visualised. Stunning, photorealistic renders and visuals are produced in order for the customer to use them in promotion of the product. Beautiful, quick animations can also be arranged for maximum impact.


From the other side of the screen.





- Bachelor’s, Mechanical Engineering (UK)




- Holy Affair (Design, LT),

- Cadline (Engineering, UK),

- Surfake (Visuals + Design, UK).



Master of:


- Autodesk Inventor (3D CAD for engineers)

- Autodesk Fusion 360 (3D CAD for product designers)

- Blender (Visualizations and renders)

- Adobe Photoshop (Retouching & presentation)

- Adobe Lightroom (Retouching & presentation)


I strongly believe that a day should last at least 28 hours.


Latest designs first:

An idea of a product

#Personal #Concept

Earth-friendly speaker design & prototype.

#Personal #Prototype #Concept

A watch concept design.

#Personal #Concept

A modern record player concept.

#Personal #Concept


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