Most of this project is under NDA. However, with customer's permission, I am able to share the process of developing a design for this device. Just because I am not allowed to share any details about it, I will call it "a smart device".


The device was meant to be used in shops. It's similar to a security tag, but a bit more intelligent. It was supposed to be placed on products, or anywhere else in the shop.


Therefore, I produced these five design drafts for the customer to choose from:

Design Draft 1: Elegant

Round, machined aluminium shell with a plastic base.

Design Draft 2: Luxurious

Rounded square with a wooden top. Expensive to manufacture, but lovely to look at.

Design Draft 3: Modern

Mass-production-ready plastic unibody with a slightly curved, smooth surface.

Design Draft 4: Funky

A rather more complex shape than the previous, though still cheap and quick to manufacture.

Design Draft 5: Corporate

Most complex design of the five. CNC machined body for that premium feel.

The customer decided to stick with the first design with a slight tweak to the composition of the body. Aluminium top cap, plastic body and a sticky base was the final design.

Renders & Visuals:


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